Is your deodorant increasing your risk for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease?

If you read the label on the deodorant that you’ve purchased from the store, you’ve probably stopped for a moment to consider some of the chemical names that you see. Name brand deodorants utilize the tiny, skin penetrating chemicals to arrest normal bodily functions in the name of keeping you smelling fresh and avoid perspiration, but is that really what people should be doing to their bodies? The following article will be outlining a few of the chemicals that deodorant manufacturers use, and why you should steer yourself away from them.


Aluminum is number one on this list because it is by far the most common chemical found in these types of products. Aluminum in a heavy metal, and can produce toxic effects in the human body. It may seem strange, but the primary role of aluminum is for its ability to enter pores in your skin to block the release of sweat. Aluminum has also been linked to conditions in the brain that are linked to disease like Alzheimer’s. These toxic levels of aluminum can ever change the way your body produces hormones. If your level of estrogen isn’t at its optimum level, there could be an increased risk of developing some sort of cancer, including breast cancer.


Triethanolamine is a harsh chemical byproduct of ethylene oxide and ammonia. Its primary use is to keep the mixtures of ingredients that are unlike, together. Even though this chemical is banned in several countries, it still seems to remain in a large portion of the beauty products in certain regions.


This chemical is used to arrest the amount of bacterial colonies that exist on beauty and hygiene products. Its use is widely spread due to its inclusion a large portion of name brand deodorants. When you reach over to put on your deodorant, triclosan is rubbed directly onto your skin. This wouldn’t seem quite as strange if it weren’t for the fact that FDA classes the chemical as a pesticide. It’s been discovered that carcinogenic compounds form when it is exposed to water, the very substance that most people use to bathe themselves.


Are chemical preservatives that are added to products to extend their ability to appear fresh. They are very common among beauty care products that are placed directly on the skin, scalp, and are prone to get into the eyes. Parabens are also linked to increased cancer risks, and hormonal imbalances. This is because parabens that make it into the body will often replace estrogen.

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