30 Days of Self-Love eBook + Daily Tracker + Checklist

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How do you determine your self-worth? Is it how much money you have? The fact that you can fit into skinny jeans? A great job and a Mercedes? It’s an interesting question. Most of us just have a vague notion of whether or not we should love ourselves given our circumstances in life. You have to live with yourself every minute of the day, so you may as well enjoy your company!

Consider these topics as a means to learn to love and appreciate yourself:

Chapter 1: Are you Using the Right Criteria to Measure Your Self-Worth? Having and utilizing the correct measuring stick makes a difference. We often judge ourselves by the culture in which we live. This can be a mistake.

Chapter 2: A 30-day Beginning to Self-Love. Many experts believe it takes 30 days to build a habit. Effective habits ensure your desired outcome. In 30 days, you can accomplish a lot and gain the momentum needed to make a real breakthrough in your self-love.

Chapter 3: Conclusion. This is just the beginning of your path to true self-love and self-esteem. Where will you go next?


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