Natural remedies: ditch the chemicals, it’s safer for your body and the environment ebook

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Headaches…we’ve all had them. Almost everyone suffers from a sore throat from time to time. Does it seem like you just can’t do anything to get rid of your annoying cold? Is bad breath holding you back? Got acne and want to have blemish-free skin?

If you like the idea of relying on the healing power of nature, you may want to explore this “Natural Remedies: Ditch the chemicals, it’s safer for your body and the environment” ebook. Here, you will learn natural remedies to headache, sore throat, and the common cold; as well as how to strengthen your immune system against them. Got acne? Get blemish-free skin with inexpensive natural remedies. Discover why earthing is the hot new trend. Educate yourself with the common chemical food additives that you want to avoid. Know the healthy Alternatives to harmful chemicals in your home… and much more!

17 sections. 58 pages. 12,598 words.


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